About Us

Asya Pamuk is manufacturing cottons for cosmetic and medical sector more than 30 years under its brand name “UNCULAR LUX” with product groups of Cotton Wool Pleats, Cotton Rolls, Cotton Make Up Pads, Cotton Make Up Balls, Cotton Buds, existed in the market more than 30 years with its great marketing knowledge together with experience of managing the product quality with its dynamic and professional Team along with 100% customer’s satisfaction.

In the basic principles of production and quality policy, Turkish and European Pharmacopeia Standards have been carefully followed and complied with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and registered by TQCS International Pty Ltd. That covers mainly the production and sales of cotton for the cosmetic and medical sectors that has been acted completely for more than 30 years to meet the customer’s needs on time along with considering fully the customer satisfaction.